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What are Bitcoins?


Bitcoins are a type of Cryptocurrency made for the Digital Age. A Cryptocurrency is a currency that is Digital and wrapped in Cryptographic algorithms for security and data integrity.

In everyday commerce Bitcoins function much like any other currency, if you have Dollars and need Euros you will need to find a Foreign Exchange to turn your Dollars into Euros or into the local currency of the country you’re visiting. This applies to Bitcoins as well, you will need to find an Exchange to turn your Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Brazilian Reals, Indian Rupees, Rusian Rubles, etc.  into Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are traded on a number of Exchanges these days two, of which are BTCE ( and Camp BX ( you can even find local people on ( who will meet with you and sell you Bitcoins!


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What’s so Great about Bitcoins?


Bitcoins are electronic and accepted worldwide, they are Peer-to-Peer and can be used to make payments all over the planet with little to no fees! Plus Bitcoins come without any strings attached, if you have a Bitcoin it’s your money! It is not contingent upon the rules and regulations of a credit card company or a government! It’s money that respects your choices, your taste, your whims… it’s YOUR MONEY!


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What is the first Step?


First you need to get a Bitcoin Wallet…. there are many ways to get a wallet, but one of the easiest ways (if you are in the United States) is to simply go to to set up a Wallet. When you create a Wallet you will also create a Payment Address (looks like this: 1JqWgWgiXoqm8ofmiAttLVwXJrTZX9KoDA) This Payment Address is where you will send Bitcoin payments or have other people send payments to you…. it is not a secret code, in fact you want as many people as you can find to have it so they can pay you!

A very good video to watch on how to setup a Coinbase account can be seen below.


You can create as many Payment Address as there are stars in the sky, but for now just setup your Coinbase account and watch the above video to get started.


How do you get Bitcoins?


There are many ways to get Bitcoins, but to keep it simple we are going to break it down into 3 simple methods.

If you have any questions, are confused or need help, please email address

Get Bitcoins by using your USA Based Bank Account

Watch the video above to setup a Coinbase account. We here at BBFL have had a Coinbase account since 2012 and have never had a problem with their website or services, so we highly recommend using them to get started!

Get Bitcoins by using your European Based bank Account

We have had a number of inquires from people in European countries who don’t have a USA Based Bank Account and with the help of one of our European Bitcoin customers we can now point our European friends to as a means of obtaining Bitcoins in Europe.

Get Bitcoins by using Cash (around the world!)

If you have cash and want to buy Bitcoins you have many options, but we will only be looking at the best option.

Go to to find a local exchanger who will exchange your Cash for Bitcoins or Bitcoins for Cash.





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